Why Choose Our Jacksonville SEO Company

We strongly believe that any local SEO services in Jacksonville, FL that are provided, need to be customized to fit the specific needs of the client. For the past four years, we have custom tailored everything we do with regards to how we work with clients and the services that we provide. We are aware that other marketing agencies in Jacksonville that use a cookie cutter approach when providing their SEO services almost always fail to deliver the results that were expected and desired. We also fully understand that each business has its own unique needs. That is why we customize how our engagement works as well as why we provide an SEO strategy that is unique for every website.

Find the top SEO companies in Jacksonville, FLAll Our Jacksonville Search Engine Marketing Services Are Customized

Some companies have substantial partner or internal resources, including content writers and web developers. Our SEO consulting services have been designed for businesses that need to have all of the pieces put together by a partner, including best practices and strategy, as well as managing the process of implementation and assuring the accuracy and quality of that implementation. When you use us as your search marketing resource, your search marketing strategy will be overseen by a professional SEO agency and be in very capable hands.

However, some companies might not have access to a web developer for updating their website, but their staff might be able to take care of their content writing needs. A more hands-on approach is required by those companies, and all of their search engine optimization technical services are conducted by us at First Element.

The First Step Is Having A Well Defined Marketing Strategy For Your Jacksonville Business

Whether your business needs everything to be handled by our Jacksonville SEO agency or an SEO Consultant is needed to develop a customized marketing strategy, our clients all receive a thorough SEO analysis of all of the following core components of search engine optimization:

  • Keyword Strategy – Keyword Research and developing a keyword strategy is the starting point for any SEO plan. Identifying the specific keyword phrases that are being searched for is very important in addition to understanding how they fit into your site.
  • On-Page Optimization, which includes Meta Tags – After the keyword strategy has been developed, other basic code optimization such as SEO Meta Tags can be implemented.
  • URL Structure and Website Architecture – If the spiders can’t find your pages, then you won’t derive any benefit from search engine optimization. We will work closely with you to make sure that your website architecture is fully optimized. Many Florida SEO companies overlook this critical item.
  • Content Optimization – This aspect of search engine optimization is frequently overlooked. A majority of websites do understand how important content is, but they still tend to underestimate how important content optimization’s finer details are such as heading tags, internal linking, keyword density and utilizing special text like italics and bolding.
  • Link Building – Many websites need link building but tend to ignore it. Search engines love seeing new links that point to your website. We will work on obtaining new links for your website and providing you with strategies so you can keep building your link popularity in an organic and natural way.
  • Social Media Optimization – For a couple of years now, search engines have been factoring social signals into their algorithms for search engine ranking for a couple of years now. Social media has also been integrated into their search results pages. Businesses which actively integrate social and search together are able to obtain the best results. Another great way of accelerating organic link popularity is through using social media.
  • Monitor Traffic And Rankings – We provide weekly keyword reports for monitoring your search engine rankings in addition to other search engine ranking key criteria.

Pricing For Jacksonville SEO Marketing Services

Since every website is unique and each client engagement is fully customized based on what your specific company needs are, our pricing is also determined based on what those needs are. We offer our search engine optimization services to businesses of every size, revenue model and industry, including:

  • Local Businesses
  • National Businesses
  • Lead Generation
  • E-Commerce

Discover how your local Jacksonville business can grow this year with the help of our Jacksonville SEO Firm!